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Neopets cheat codes

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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Level 2 Let the green Scorchio burn his way out, then click on the red
Scorchio when going left to burn his way to the coin. Again click on the red
Scorchio to burn his way out (when he's going right).

Level 5 Click on the Uni (he should be going left), then the Kacheek, Kougra
(when over the red blocks). Once the Scorchio has come back from climbing the
Uni, click on the Uni again and the Scorchio to leave.

Level 8 Click on the Uni when he's going left. Then click on the Scorcho
(make sure the red button has been hit). After pushing the button, make the
Shyru jump the gap to the coin, and then click on the Uni again to finish the

Level 4 Click on either Shoyru to jump over the blocks to the right and then
over the gap to get the coin. For the other Shoyru, simply make him jump over
the blocks to the right.

A Kacheek pushes. A Kacheek will push at every opportunity until you unclick
them again

Level 12 Hit the Green Kacheek (while going right) then Yellow Kacheek (while
going left). Then the Scorchio when going left (twice). And finally the Kougra
to dig your way down to the exit.

Level 1 Have the purple Mynci climb to the left and the green Mynci climb to
the right. Then have the purple Mynci that climbed to the left climb to the
right after he picks up the coin.

Level 10 Have both Kougras dig their way down. Be careful not to let either
Kougra walk over an edge. To get the coin, have a Kougra dig when he is on the
coin.This level must be done quickly

Level 3 Click on the yellow kougra when over the orange block (he will pick
up the coin). Click on the other koungras when they are over either orange or
red blocks.

Level 14 Make the 2 Myncii climb. Kacheek push until the block is one to the
right of the blocks with the coin. Have a Mynci climb up to get the coin. Then
Kacheek push to get out.

Level 7 Click on the Blue Kacheek right away, then Yellow Kacheek (when going
right), and finally the Green Kacheek (when going right) if you want to get
the coin. This level must be done quickly

A Kougra digs. To have a Kougra dig, you MUST click on him WHEN you want him
to dig! Kougras ONLY dig down.

Level 16 The Green Kougra digs on the far left to manuver his way to the
coin. The Blue should dig to the right (wait until the Yellow will not
immediately follow), aiming right next to (left side of) the blocks that read
ACB going down.

Level 17 Shoyru jumps his way over and out (be sure to hit the red button and
jump the 2nd red button, so the spikes are gone when he leaves!) Kougra digs
down on the right one, then have the Kacheek push the way to the exit.

A Shoyru jumps. To have a Shoyru jump, click on him when you want him to

Level 6 Immediately click on them all. After they fall to the bottom (where
the blocks read BA C), click on them all again.

Level 9 Hit the Kackeek to push, then the Uni to make a ramp to the left. On
the way to the right up top (the Kougra must be behind the Scorchio), have the
Kougra dig his way down over the coin. Then click on Uni again, and finally on
the Scorchio to burn your way out to the right.

Level 20 Kougra digs to the far left down to the Mynci. Have the Mynci climb
to the button. Kacheek pushes left, Mynci climbs left, and have the Scorchio
burn out.

A Scorchio burns. To have a Scorchio burn, simply click on them, and they
will burn at the next opportunity.

A Mynci climbs. To have a Mynci climb, simply click on them, and they will
climb at the next opportunity.

Level 18 Purple Mynci climbs (must be done quickly), then the Green Mynci
(going to the right). Green Scorchio burns his way to the left. And Red
Scorchio burns his way to the right (careful to have hit the green button
enough so the green spikes are gone). Green Mynci climbs again, then after the
red spikes are gone, either Scorchio burns the way out.This level must be done

Level 15 Kougra digs his way down to the exit (be sure to land on the red
button!). Have the Scorchio then burn his way out, and have the Kacheek push
his way to the coin and exit.

Level 11 Have the Shoyru jump to the right to hit the red button (jump over
red spikes), immediately after, have the Kougra dig in the only spot he can.
Keep on the Shoyru to have him jump over the block on the way back. To get the
coin, have him keep jumping until the green spikes are gone, then jump his way
over to the coin.

Level 19 After the spikes are down, have the Orange Shoyru jump over the
button to the left. Then jump the Purple Shoyru to the right.

Level 13 Have the Kacheek push (going left). And the Scorchio burn (going
left), then make the Scorchio burn again to get out.

A Uni makes a ramp. To have a Uni make a ramp, simply click on it and it will
make a ramp at the next opportunity.