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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Example #2
You have a pet that is level 25. This puts you into either the Pirate
class at 5 dubloons or the Basic class at 2 codestones. You're looking at
even more neopoints for training and a much longer time especially when
you consider that you would need to train 2 times to get the stat
increases. Even a Light Faerie quest at either level is cheaper and less
time-consuming than training is.

You would really rather NOT do the quest?
There are times when the quest just isn't reasonable or you do not have the
neopoints to buy the item that the faerie is demanding. And while you are
under that quest, you can not use the Shop Wizard. The faeries WILL wait for
a while (maybe 24 hours or so?)

Water Faerie/The Water Faerie will ask for a book. In return, she will
grant your pet Two (2) Defence points.

The Space Faerie/The Space Faerie will ask for any item. In return, she
will grant your pet Four (4) Levels. As an added bonus, you may
also get her as a Battledome challenger. If you are strong enough to beat
her, and she's rated 450, then you will get her avatar.

The Faerie Queen/The Faerie Queen , Fyora will ask you for any item. In
return, she will grant your pet One (1) Level, Three (3) Strength, and
Three (3) Hit (endurance) points. That is SEVEN (7) stat points

The Fountain Faerie/The Fountain Faerie will ask you for any item with a
rarity of 90-99. So far, I've seen 7 quests and all of the items asked for
have been a rarity of 95-96. I think it can be a bit higher or lower. In
return, you will be granted Access to the Rainbow Fountain in Faerieland
where you can PAINT your pet ANY color you want! Have you seen the prices
of paint brushes recently You can only paint 1 pet and only 1
time so choose your color wisely. In order to paint another pet here,
you will have to complete another quest for her.

You have 2 training schools that you can use to increase your pet's
statistics (called "stats" from here on). Actually, there are 3 schools
but you can not access the Ninja Training School until your pet is above
level 250. I do not have access to the Ninja Training School but I do know
they use the red codestones, some of which are unbuyable (over 100,000
neopoints). I'll focus on the 2 basic ones for now.

The Swashbuckler's Academy
The Island Training School
Course TypeNeopet LevelCostLength
Sea Urchin 10 and Under1 dubloon4 hours
Deckhand11-202 dubloons6 hours
Pirate21-305 dubloons8 hours
Cap'n31-405 dubloons10 hours
Course TypeNeopet LevelCostLength
Grasshopper20 and Under1 codestone2 hours
Basic21-402 codestones3 hours
Intermediate41-803 codestones4 hours
Adept81-1004 codestones6 hours
Advanced101-1205 codestones8 hours
Expert121-1506 codestones12 hours
Master151-2007 codestones18 hours
Grand Master201-2508 codestones24 hours

look at a couple of examples.
Air Faerie/The Air Faerie will ask you to bring her a beauty (grooming)
product such as eyeshadow, blush, soap, conditioner, perfume, hair brush,
mirror, etc. In exchange, she will grant your pet Two (2) Movement
(agility) points.

Dark Faerie/The Dark Faerie will ask for a toy such as a plushie or one of
many other toys. In return, she will grant your pet Two (2) Hit
(endurance) points.

Example #1

Let's say that you have a pet that is level 3 and you have just been visited
by the Fire Faerie. You can either train at one of the schools or you can
complete her quest to gain 2 Strength points.
Training At level 3, this means you are either a Sea Urchin or a
Grasshopper, depending on which school you would like to attend. At either
of these schools, you can train any one of 5 stats: Strength, Defence,
Agility (movement), Endurance (hitpoints) or Level. This will cost you
either one dubloon or one codestone and will take 2-4 hours. When the
training is completed, you will receive an increase of 1 point in the stat
you chose to train. On rare occasions, you may receive a bonus and
increase 2 or 3 points in the given stat.

A One Dubloon Coin currently sells for around 3000 neopoints. The
codestone that is asked for is completely random so it may be a Bri
Codestone (cheapest at around 3000 neopoints) or it may be a Main
Codestone (most expensive at around 5500 neopoints). However, in order to
match what the Fire Faerie will give you, you will have to train TWICE
That means an expense of 6000-11000 neopoints! It's also going to take 4-8
hours to get the stat increases.
The Quest The Fire Faerie will grant you 2 Strength points IMMEDIATELY
upon completing her quest! She's going to be MUCH cheaper and faster than
using either of the 2 schools available to you. Do the quest

If you just can not do the quest, it is
much better to turn it down. Return to the Quest Hut to turn the quest
down. You will then have to wait 600 seconds (that is 10 minutes). Return
to the Quest Hut any time after that to be "forgiven" and told that you
can again do quests.

Earth Faerie/The Earth Faerie will ask you to bring her a magic item such
as a healing potion, battledome potion (Fire Jug, Steam Jug, Stream of
Light, etc..), a mote, or even a Nova. In return, she will Feed your pet.
This will not only restore all lost hit points but your pet will also gain
a pound.

The Three (3) Special Faeries

Fire Faerie/The Fire Faerie will ask you to bring her an item of clothing
such as a collar, bow tie, a shirt, overalls, boots, etc. In return, she
will grant your pet Two (2) Strength (attack) points.
Light FaerieThe Light Faerie will ask you to bring her a trading card. The
trading cards are usually red, blue, pink, or green. In return, she will
grant your pet One (1) Level.