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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Word Poker - You have 8 letters
jumbled and you have to make as many words as possible within the
time limit. Using the strategies I explained above, you might be
finding words very easily now! The key strategy with word poker is
to decide which score you are going to use.

There is a score for
3 letter words - 4 pts per word
4 letter words - 6 pts per word
5 letter words - 8 pts per word
Full House - ( 15 words = 50 pts, 25 words = 150 pts )
Flush - 10 pts for every word you make with a particular begining
Wild - The more words the more pts
A word 7 letters or more - Bonus 50 pts

You need to remember that you can only choose a score once and the
game will end once you have chosen all the scores. The best way to
get high scores is to get as many bonus words as possible, but this
relies on the luck of the letters, the better the letters, the
better the score you can get.