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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

The Basics
The 1st thing I do when I start a new game is change the 1st player
controls. It helps a great deal if you use keys that are more familiar to
you. Go to Options, click each command, and then press the key of whatever
you want to change it to.
Assign the Punch and Kick commands to keys that are close to each other
and easy to press quickly. This becomes important when you perform a
special attack. During the game, if you need to pause at any time, click
the Options button at the bottom of the screen.

Special Attacks
A lot of people have reported having trouble performing them, so I'll
explain them here. Pressing Punch-Kick-Punch-Kick will make the feepit do
a roll-attack, and Kick-Punch-Kick-Punch will make him launch himself at
the meepit. You can not just button-mash, the combo won't work. You have to
give the feepit time to punch and kick seperately. Press each key slowly
but steadily. If the combo is interrupted because you pressed the wrong
key, it won't work and you will have to start over. Note that you can
perform special attacks while moving forwards or backwards, or even while

Stages One through Four
The stages get progressively more difficult, but Stages 1-4 shouldn't
present a real problem. All the meepits will try to block your attacks,
both normal and special

Winning by Losing
How do you get a high score in this game?
You'll have to lose some rounds2 each stage, to be exact.
The point of losing some rounds is so you can
fight him 5 times each stage instead of 3, thus getting more points. Win a
round, then lose a round, then win, then lose, and then finally win the
last round to finish the stage and move on. Make sure you get in as many
hits as possible on the losing rounds without killing the meepit (it might
take some practice before you figure out how much damage you can inflict
while keeping him alive).
You must win that final
round so you can advance to the next stage! You'll have at LEAST 3000
points by the end of the game if you play it this way, and a shiny new

Basic Strategy
I've found that the fastest and easiest way to finish a round is to
perform special attacks over and over. This gives you between 100 and 140
points each round, depending on how many hits you get in. A normal hit
gives you about 6 points, a special attack nets you about 19. Special
attacks also knock the meepit out quicker. Don't worry about getting hit,
you don't lose points. Additionally, you get 100 bonus points when you
finish a stage. If you race through the game, winning every round, you
should wind up with about 2000 points. Not bad, but not very many
neopoints (only 500) and you won't get the avatar or a trophy.

Beating the Fire Meepit
Honestly, this meepit is really no harder than the others, if you use the
strategy above. Don't let him psych you out.
Regular attacks are practically impossible in this stage, because if
you're close enough to hit the Fire meepit, he'll just block you non-stop.
This is why Special Attacks are your best friend here. Let him get within
range, and then perform the special attack of your choice. While he's
down, back away and perform the attack again. Remember that you CAN
perform a special attack while moving, so press the keys while backing up;
it'll help you hit him more quickly. Keep repeating this - special attack,
then back away; special attack, then back away. Hit him and run until you
win the round. Remember, you still have to lose 2 rounds if you want
maximum points. Hit him as much as possible without killing him. The
toughest problem you might run into is getting the Fire meepit to attack
YOU after you've whittled his health bar down