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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Scoring As mentioned above, for each 2nd you 'wait', you receive 2
points added to your score. If the Gormball explodes on you, you lose and
receive the points accumulated so far. If you are the last remaining
player, you win and your score is multiplied by 4 and you receive an item,
for example:
The Gormball explodes on Ember the Fire Faerie
You are the last remaining character You have won

Kevin Korbat wins
Your Final Score : 115 (x4 = 460 points)
(you win that many Neopoints!)
Your Prize: Kougra Shining Soap

The Game You begin by selecting a character. Any character will do. Most
tend to chose one and stick with the same one for each consecutive game.
If you have never played this game before and 'won', you might want to try
Ember the Fire Faerie until you do. (Something special will happen if you
win.) This isn't too complicated a game to play. You are simply passing a
water-filled 'Gormball' around a ring, if it explodes as a character
passes it, they are out for the remainder of the game. For each 2nd you
wait, you receive 2 points, wait too long and the Gormball will explode on
you. Be the last player left at the end of the game and you win!
The Strategy: To achieve the best scores, pay a little attention to how
the bonus balls work. If your score is between 1 and 9, you may receive a
bonus of 1 or 2 extra points. If your score is 10 - 15, you get higher
bonuses (as many as 25), and these are the most important points of the
game. When your score is 16 - 33, the bonuses you get subtract from your
score. Once you are at 34 or higher, the bonuses increase your score, the
higher your score, the bigger the bonus. Try to achieve a
10 score early and hope to then get a bonus that will boost my score to 34
or close to it. 10 is ideal for the simple reason that the ball may go all
the way round and not give any bonuses. If one player has the ball explode
on them, you now have 11. When your turn comes around and you wait the
minimum 2 seconds, that adds 4 points and you are now at 15, the highest
you want to be. (unless the Gormball explodes on you),to
get more bonuses if you have more turns, so at this point wait for only 2
or 3 seconds per turn (2 is my preference). This is where some luck can go
a long way; luck in getting the bonus balls and also in lasting until the

Game Tips
The game sometimes glitches and you get a 'You don't seem to be in a
game' error. Don't worry about this, check your inventory, you probably
won something.

If you wish to only wait 1 second, simply refresh the page when it's
your turn. The 'wait one second' option was forgotten when they updated
the game.