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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Once you safely reach the next Space Station, your hits are converted to
VirtuCreds. With these, you will be able to purchase items that enhance your
Walker's abilities. Attack weapons are just as effective as the Defence

Attack Improve your Megagun, it does more damage and therefore takes
fewer shots to kill your opponents.

Other upgrades: These include the ability to
Repair your hull, (cost of 10 VirtuCreds will restore 10 points on your
hull integrity)
Repair Droid do the repairs
Buy Side Radar, (allows you to have a little forewarning of where the next
Fuzzle is coming from, it's nice to have). Try getting this by the end of
the 3rd round and you will see which direction the Fuzzles are coming
from. A little experimenting and you should soon be able to shoot them
before they actually are visible. You can shoot Fuzzles offscreen. On the
left side, aim off the left edge of screen about halfway up. On the right
side, aim low off the lower right side, also offscreen. Practice this a
little, it's invaluable in later rounds.

shoot them asoften as possible, the hits you get here will be converted to VituCreds.

Use the 'B' button to rotate to the left, the 'N' button to look right,
or, if you prefer, hurtle on a straight course

Defence Improve the level of your Repair
Droid, this handy little guy actually does repairs on your Bot as you
proceed. Buy a few shields in the early rounds, (while they
are cheap), to be used in the later rounds when things heat up (max 5 can
be carried). Activate your shields as needed while in the battle mode.

The idea of this exciting, fun-filled game is to move your Walker Bot from
space station to space station. Along the way you will find enemy Fuzzles
and deadly mines. Shoot as many of these as possible while maintaining the
structural integrity of your hull.

For each Fuzzle you 'hit', you will see a bonus box pop up. A bonus is worth
an additional 2 bonus points, hit 10 Fuzzles in row and the bonus box
converts the hits to 3 additional points per hit. (hits accumulate). Try,
in the early rounds, to get these '10x bonus points