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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Dice-A-Roo is one of the few chance games that is actually rigged in your favor.
As such, there comes a time in your play that your pet will say they are bored
and you will no longer be able to play it that day. The main problem that people
have had with the game is the amount of time that is involved in playing it.
Clicking Roll Again each time takes about 20 minutes until your pet gets bored.
To circumvent this, a click-and-hold method was developed. If you already know
it, skip these 2 paragraphs. With Windows XP, click Start and choose Control
Panel. Click on Printers and Other Hardware and then click on Keyboard. For
pre-XP Windows systems, click Start, mouse over Setting and select Control
Panel, then double-click on Keyboard. On the Speed tab, decrease the Repeat Rate
to between 1/6 and 1/8 of maximum, as shown in the image below. Tested it
with Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, and Internet Explorer and the only one of them
in which I can get it to work is IE.

When you play DAR, you begin on the screen with the King Blumaroo. Click on the
button labelled Let's Play! (Costs 5 NP).
If this brings you into the game where
you have got a single die on screen, keep clicking Roll Again until you get back
to the King and click the button again. You are trying to get to the screen with
the five dice as shown below. Once on this screen, press and hold the Enter
button and then click the button labelled Play Dice-A-Roo.
The "common wisdom" is to simply put something heavy on the Enter key and walk away In roughly 3-4
minutes, your pet will be bored and you can move on to something else, like
reselling all the food you have won.

There are 2 primary reasons to play Dice-A-Roo, and neither of them is the
Every time you change pages at NP, you create a site hit. Each site hit causes
the ad banners to go off, which is what pays for the site and allows us to
continue to visit the site for free. As a "thank you," NP has keyed random
events to site hits. Every page you access has a chance of a random event
occuring. The more pages you access, the more hits, the more likely you are to
get a random. Although a few of these are bad (Pant Devil attack, Evil Grundo
Leader, etc.) the majority of them are good events ranging from you finding
some rare item on the ground, to the Faeries giving you a quest which, upon
completion, will increase one of your pets' stats. Because it is a .php game
instead of flash, simply playing Dice-A-Roo generates a site hit for every
roll of the die ... and you have to roll it a lot until your pet gets bored.
The other reason for playing are the awards. At green, yellow, and silver, you
have the chance of rolling a present (see below) which grants you a food item.
Typically you will gain anywhere from 4-12 food items, and these can then be
put into your shop and resold. The gross of those sales will (almost always)
more than cover the ~400NPs it costs you to play. On 3 occasions I have
gotten items that did not resell for enough to recoup my losses (-34NPs,
-60NPs, and -110NPs),

Now, this click-and-hold is all well and good, but, quite frankly, is a rather
silly way to play the game. Lots of people ask about the "mystic wind," so here
you are. The green die will only yield the mystic wind result. Anytime you get
the mystic wind, nothing happens, period. When you get to the yellow die, there
is a chance, roughly 1/3, that you will instead receive a lottery ticket. When
you get to the silver die, there is an additional result, also roughly 1/3, that
you will get a Pant Devil attack.

remember what the Pant Devil does? That is right. He steals items
from your inventory. Although the Pant Devil attack is merely a 1 in 3 chance,
I've had as many as 4 in a row when the silver ? has come up. If I were playing
the click-and-hold, that is 4 items gone. Maybe the Bitten Red Apple doesn't
matter much, but what if one of the random events was that I found a codestone
or a piece of the Secret Laboratory Map? If I were doing click-and-hold, I
wouldn't even know that I ever had them before the Pant Devil stole it.
No, I'm not recommending that you play the game fully, but there is a way to
protect your items. In the IE window, set up to play as above for the
click-and-hold. In another browser (IE or whatever) open up your inventory and
move everything that is there into your Safety Deposit Box or your shop. Back in
the Dice-A-Roo game window, on the bottom right you will see a picture of a
globe next to the word Internet. To the left of it are five boxes. As you can
see, when you load a page, another box will be created to the left of them, and
is called the load bar. This will fill in from the left to right with blue.

Run the click-and-hold until the load bar has started over about 10 times, then
let go of the Enter key. If you are on a red die, back up, click anywhere on the
whitespace of the screen (this deactivates the Play button), press and hold the
Enter key, and click on the button. Repeat until you get to the blue die or
higher. Once you are on the blue die, repeat this same process, but only let the
load bar complete 5 times until you get to green or higher. Once you are on
green or yellow, play the game normally (click the Roll Again button) until you
get Game Over or the yellow advance die with the comment beginning "Well done!"
If you let go of the Enter key and discover you are on silver already, clean out
your inventory immediately. Chances are that you got to silver so quickly that
you got no items along the way, but there is no sense in risking it (see below).

Once you receive any of these 3 results, go over to the window with your
inventory and refresh. Move everything in it out to your SDB or your shop ...
worry about pricing the items in your shop later. If you got Game Over, repeat
this process. On the other hand, if you have advanced to silver, you are now in
the danger zone. Every time you roll the silver ? there is a chance of a Pant
Devil attack. This whole process is to make sure that there is nothing for him TO
steal, so keep a close watch on your results. If you are given an item, go over
to the other window and get whatever it is out to your SDB or shop before you
roll the die again.

Instead of the 3-4 minutes it takes for your pet to become bored on a full
click-and-hold, this will take you 10 minutes. To my mind, the extra 6-7 minutes
you have to spend to ensure that you get to keep everything you have won is well
worth it.

If sum1 played DAR (probably on a full click-and-hold) and ended up with one
of these types of things in their inventory it came as a result of playing, but
did not actually come from the game. Remember #1 up there? More hits = more
randoms. While playing, they had at least one random event. One of these is what
gave them the item, but the game itself did not present the item to them. It's a
small, but rather important, distinction.