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Neopets cheat codes

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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Closing and reopening takes time. To avoid this, keep your left hand on the F5
key while the right manages the mouse. When you fail to find your pet, click the
link taking you back to the game screen or, better still, if you have a
multi-button mouse, have one set to BACK (Alt+left) and simply click it. When
you do find your pet, hit F5. The refresh that this causes acts as if you were
searching for your pet in that very same location. If they happen to have hidden
there again, you find them again and get the NPs for it. In time
you will hit F5 and the pet will not be hiding there. When this happens, click the
link or back up, as above, and it will take you back to the game screen. From
there, you can choose any of the 5 areas (one of which you've already checked by
refreshing) to try to find your pet again.
Playing by just clicking, closing the old and opening a new window, etc., takes
~12 minutes until your pet gets bored and you have to move on to something else.
By using F5 when you find your pet, you cut the time down to just over 3