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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Make sure you get 2 people. Two people
because then you have 3 people in all right? Well since potatoes
never come from the top, you only need three! One person should
count the potatoes coming from the left, the other from the right,
and the other from the bottom. Trust me this really helps. But you
won't get the avatar your 1st try. You always have to practice.
After a round, get the # of potatoes from each person and add them
up. This really helps.
The 2nd option you have is yourself. This takes a really long
time of practice. Your eyes have to get used to the potatoes being
fast. But you dont have to worry about that if your using a slow
computer. Make sure you count as the potatoes come out of the sides
and do not focus in the center. Some people like it better with full
screen. And if your alone, it could be better.


Start counting as they come out of the sides. Not when they reach
the middle.
They don't ever come from the top, so never look there!
Sometimes, they are hiding behind other potatoes. So look for that.
Try using a really slow computer that doesn't have caple, or dsl and
make sure it has slow dial-up. It makes things way slower and much
Try to get 2 other people to help you, i will go more further in
detail in the next section
Always go with your 1st anwser. It will be righter than your
2nd anwser.