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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

arrowned was the hardest level after the stairs of death,
Start with hannah. have her jump into the 1st little hole, then jump
up and hit the dynamite to the right. Now, jump up and hit the next
dynamite which will set off all the other dynamites. continue on to the
right and get all of the treasures except the one that is sitting on the
little crate in the air. Go back and push the rock that fell when all the
dynamite exploded all the way to the right until you have broken all of
the spikes. This way, if you fall down, you will not hit the spikes and it
will be easier to get back up. Now you can jump and get the treasure on
the crate, then climb up the ladder and grab the 2 treasures on the
seperate platforms (but make sure that the ghostie is not there). Climb
all the way to the top of the ladder. Once again, watch out for the
ghostie! make sure that it is out of the way before jumping onto the
ledge. From that ledge, you should jump up (don't fall down, that is where
Armin goes and if hannah goes there she will be stuck). Now, jump over to
the ledge that is on the same line as the 2 arrows pointing down. This
next part is tricky, you have to bounce on these arrows to get to the
ladder. After that is done, climb down the ladder (watch out for that
ghostie!) and then just keep on going (it is pretty straightforward, I
can;t do everything for you, can I?!) Eventually, you will reach a point
that looks like this:

This is "the jump." To get past that jump that nobody can get past, just
run right, all the way until you almost hit the ledge's edge, and then
jump. This normally takes a bit of coordination, but it works, i swear!
just be sure not to overjump, or you will fall to your death ...
The Bori's part is very straightforward, just follow the snow and eat
through all of it, hitting all the arrows along the way. He has no problem
jumping over that ledge as he doesn't jump as high as hannah does ... good

I like to start out using Armin for this level. Hit the dynamite, it
should fly to the right and explode the spikes. Watch out though,
sometimes the 1st dynamite has 2 dynamites in one crate and you will
need to jump away from it after hitting it. You should keep on jumping
from ledge to ledge, hitting the dynamite and getting the treasures. Once
you reach the ladder, climb down and again, hit the dynamite so that it
flies to the right and sets off the other dynamite. Now, kill the guard
and run until you see another dynamite. Set it off and it will explode
some dynamite until treasure and an arrow fall down. Hit the arrow but run
left very quickly afterward as falling rocks will kill you if you loiter
too long. Now, Kill the guard and go down the ladder. Hannah can then
easily get through everything.

Splish Splash
Many people wonder how to get through Splish Splash without drowning the
Bori. Well, you must use the secret area! Just take a look at my maps, go
into the secret area (outlined in red) trigger the arrow at the top
(picture 3), and then switch to the Bori and get him higher up. Then you
can go back and get all of the other treasures without worrying about him

Hannah on the Rocks
First, have Hannah go right and fall down. Bear left while she's falling
and try to get on one of the ledges before she hits the spikes. Have her
jump down to the bottom and hit the arrow. This will let boulders fall
down so Armin can run across and jump from ledge to ledge. But watch out
for the ghostie! Eventually, it will be safe to let him drop all the way
down to kill the guard. Now, set off the 2 arrows and get the
treasures. A word of warning: make sure that when you are setting off any
arrows that there are no ghosties around - sometimes the arrows kill the
ghosties instead of hitting the intended target. Next, have Armin climb up
the ladder; you will see tons of arrows. You have to hit all of the high
arrows. The arrows are tricks because they just set off another arrow that
may kill you if you hang around for too long. I like to set these arrows
off and just get out of the way really quickly. Now, Armin can collect
the treasure and the door should be open.
Now, for getting Hannah to the door ... First, get her to the area where
there are 3 very small ledges by jumping on ledges and heading to the
left (watch out for ghosties and for spikes!). Now, you should reach an
area that looks like this:

There is a secret passage that hannah can jump into. Follow the
passage and you will fall into the place where Armin killed the 1st
guard. Now, just continue on until you reach the door!

Icy Islands

First, get the bori down so that he can kill the monsters. It helps to
keep looking down when you are jumping from ledge to ledge so that you
know where to jump next. Once he's at the bottom, kill the guard and hit
the arrow to set off the dynamite. Now, crawl through the snow and
proceed while getting all of the treasures. Eventually you will be in a
room with some arrows. The next tricky part is hitting the right arrows
and setting off the dynamite so that hannah can get to the door. Set off
the arrow to the left first, then go back and do the one on the right.
This should get the dynamite off. Now, go back to Hannah and get her down
the ledges the same way that you got Armin down. She can then just jump
right down to the door!

Okay, I spent a million hours doing this, but here is a full map of the
level ***Freefall, it is a bonus level so you will not see it listed
unless you have completed all of the listed levels.
EDIT: I have moved the map to this page, please go here only if you need
to see the map, thankies!

The Glacier of Doom
OKay, start out with Hannah and have her jump jump jump from ledge to
ledge until you reach the platform with the Snowbeast. The only advice I
can give about jumping from ledge to ledge is to be really careful and to
make short jumps when possible (meaning press right arrow and space and
then let go immediately of the space bar) Once you get to the Snowbeast,
get the treasures and jump over him, and continue on the other side. Soon,
you will get to a big gap (you will know this is the right gap if you look
down and not be able to see the bottom. You can either jump over this gap
to get to the door or you can continue beyond it to get an extra life
(although it is very tricky to get this extra life). Now, with armin, you
can jump jump jump down until you reach the bottom. Eat through the snow
and kill the monsters until you get to the door. Yay! You're done!

Gunther's Revenge
Okie doke ... 1st things first, don't waste any time trying to get the
bori to get the gem, so, with hannah, immediately go to your right. The
situation will look like this:

So just fall down the shaft, pressing the left arrow button, and you
should jump right into the secret area, and then proceed left until hannah
falls, and then go right and set off the arrow. Now you have to move
quickly out of the way because the rocks beneath you are falling. Just
move to the left until you feel that you are no longer standing on the
rocks. After the rocks have fallen, jump down into the water and run to
the left, picking up the treasure along the way. on your way up the
ladder, hit the arrow to make all the rocks fall (so armin the bori can
cross through the water).
When you go up the ladder, you will see bunches of arrows. first, hit the
one circled in red ...

Just do be careful not to get hit by the arrow flying down towards you ...

next, run back to the left and hit the arrow to set off all the other
arrows. After collecting all of the treasures, just climb the ladder (and
there is a secret area to your right, this is how you get the gem). Once
you're all the way up the ladder, jump up both tiny platforms and set off
the arrow, then collect the treasure.
Now, if you are playing with hannah, just run right past the other arrows,
don't even bother with them, and crawl under and stop right before you get
to the mites. Now, using Armin, hit either of the 2 arrows to the LEFT
of the ladder. This will release boulders so that he can climb up them.
Now, have the bori crawl through the snow and push the boulder down onto
the mites. Then run around and down the ladder to push the other bouder
down. Now the mites are gone and Hannah can reach the door! Yay!

Spooky Caves
Spooky caves is a perfect example of how HATIC is harder than HATPC. You
have to know that there is a secret area or else you cannot complete the
Okay, I start out with Hannah. Getting the treasures on the 1st level is
pretty easy, just hit the arrows which will explode the dynamite. Except,
for the treasures near the door, the arrow is pointing the wrong way so
the dynamite does not go off. You have to go to the secret area! here is a
piccy of it (it is outlined in red) so that you can easily find it:

You need to crawl under and then jump up to get them ;)
You may also have a bit of trouble getting the treasures on the very top
level. Just go up the ladder in the middle and you will be in a room with
dynamite on both sides. Run up to the dynamite and tap it, then run away
very quickly or hannah will explode. Do this to both groups of dynamite.
Now, you can jump up to the top level to get the rest of the treasure.

Big Trouble
For this level, you can pretty much follow the map below as it tells you
were the treaures are and such. It is also worth knowing that after Armin
is done collecting all of the treasure, the only way to get to the door is
if he falls all the way down the right side of the screen. You can use the
ledges on the right side as resting places. There is also a secret area on
the right side where you can get a gem ... After Armin is on the right
side of the dynamite have Hannah set off the arrow. It really doesn't
matter which order you set off the arrows, but you need to set both off in
order to get Hannah over the dynamite.

Icy Skeletal Hoardes
I have no idea why this level is named as it is ... Anyway ... start out
with Armin and have him jump down the ledges and onto the platform where
there is a guard. Kill the guard, run (right) to the very end and jump to
the snow path. Dig through the snow and then go up the ladder and hit the
arrow. This will explode some dynamite; you don't have to go get the
treasure as Hannah can do that later. Next, have Armin run back to the
right again and kill the guard. Now, go down and then left and jump down
(careful!) to the snow path. Eat through the snow and go up the wooden
ledges and kill the guard. Now, switch to Hannah. Hannah needs to jump all
the wat down and pick up the 2 treasures in the water and then jump all
the way up (watch her head on the spikes!). She needs to jump over the
guard and get the 4 treasures and then continue the same way the Armin
did. Now, jump all the way down into the water instead of landing on the
ledge with the snow path. Have her swim to the end but DO NOT hit the
arrow. She needs to jump over the arrow and go up and hit the arrow
pointing left first, then she can go back down to hit the arrow pointing
up that is in the water. Be careful that she doesn't hit the arrow when
she is directly over it, swim carefully around it and get it from the
side. There is a pool to the right where there are 2 treasures, after
getting those, jump to the highest level and get the last treasures and
you're done!

this is a bonus level so you will not see it listed unless you have
completed all of the listed levels.
First, move the Bori down and eat through the snow. Hit the arrows and DO
NOT wait for the crates to fall or you will die. Do this for the next 2
arrows too, then switch to Hannah. Move Hannah across the ledges and get
the treasures along the way. Watch out for the ghostie! When there is
nowhere for Hannah to go (she should be very near a lot of spikes) switch
to Armin and set off the next 4 arrows. After setting off the 2nd
arrow, wait a bit for all of the crates to fall down, then start with the
3rd arrow and move very quickly on to the fourth. Then switch back to
Hannah. Hannah can now get all the way through to the ladder where she
must fall. This next part is VERY scary. let her fall and then after she
gets the treasure, IMMEDIATELY bear left to get the next treasure and then
IMMEDIATELY bear right. This may take a couple of tries, I always hold my
breath when I do it. Once Hannah is safely at the bottom, switch back to
Armin and hit the next arrow which will release rocks down so that Hannah
can cross the spikes. It is nice if you can kill the ghostie with the
rocks although it is hard to time this just right. Once the rocks are all
down, Hannah can run over them and hit the next arrow which will let down
even more rocks. Make sure you do this when the ghostie is not around or
else the arrows will not hit all of the dynamite. Have her jump from the
rocks to the wooden ledge and get the treasure, then switch to Armin.
Armin needs to jump across all the ledges and hit the dynamite which will
release crates. Now, they can both get to the door! But watch out for the
spikes, it is very frustrating when you think you've finished the level
but Hannah hits her head getting to the door ... I normally jump from the
2nd to last step, not the last step. Good Luck!

Dig It
The key to this level is killing the Snow Beast with the rocks. Here is
the moment when you should be jumping up to hit the arrow

snowbest should be killed by the falling rocks, which will later
let your bori run past!

Okay here's another level that is very very frustrating! Start with hannah
and have her jump up and break the crate to the left where there are 2
treasures. Watch out for the ghostie! Now, head right and keep on jumping
over the spikes from ledge to ledge. Wherever you see a boulder, roll it
back onto the spikes. This is because Armin can only jump over distances
that are 2 units/blocks wide and he will not make it over the spikes
unless the boulders are there. Once Hannah gets to the ledge with 2
boulders on the right side of the spikes, roll one boulder over the spikes
and then roll the other boulder over the edge. Jump down along with the
boulder, but watch out for the ghosties!
this next part is kind of tricky, you have to set off the dynamite by
jumping on it. and it is hard to avoid killing yourself! Just keep jumping
around, setting it off, but whatever you do, do not blow up the bottom
half of the ladder (or else Armin cannot jump up). So just be careful when
tossing dynamite to the right -
Now, climb up the ladder and continue to do what you did before, jumping
from ledge to ledge rolling boulders over the spikes. The very last
boulder on the last ledge should be rolled over the ledge. But don't jump
down after the boulder, instead, there is a secret area to the right; jump
up and to the right and you will fall down down down. Now, go to the left
and get the treasure an roll the boulder to the left so that when Armin
goes through it will be easier for him.
Now, switch to Armin and have him go through everything that Hannah went
through. Armin cannot jump up to the secret area however, so he needs to
fall down the ledge, but it should be safe because Hannah pushed the
boulder over all of the spikes. Just watch out for the ghostie! Now, have
Armin run through the secret area on the right and run all the way right
until he reaches the ladder. Climb up the ladder and then get all the
treasure, climb down and return to the secret area where Hannah is. then,
have Hannah run all the way to the right and out of the secret area and
set off the arrow. Now, don't wait for anything to happen, just run and
stand a tiny bit to the left of the door. Dynamite will fall and if she
does not stand in the exact place it will hit her and she will die. Once
all the dynamite has fallen, have her set off the dynamite to he left and
right and grab the treasures. Then Armin can get out and they can both get
to the door!

Frosty Cavern
The tricky part of this level is at the end. After completing the 1st
half of the level have Armin go up and kill the guard near the door.

DO NOT SET OFF THE ARROW. Have Armin go through the snow and climb up the
ladder. Now, start using Hannah. She is the only one who can get the
treasures that appear to be unattainable. Just have her crawl under the
chamber with the treasures. About half-way there, there is a secret area
that she can jump up into and get into the chamber. Next, move Hannah up
to the level with the arrow. Have her set off the arrow and then, after
the boulders fall, she can reach the door. Then have Armin get to the door
and you're all set.

The Snow Beast
This level is easy until you get to the end. But firstly, start with
Hannah and jump upwards and run right until you hit an arrow. Now, Armin
can go down and get through (but 1st go down the ladder and get the
treasure). Once armin is through, have him go up the stairs and run left
and hit the arrow and run right immediately after. Now, Hannah can get
through. Have her jump up the platforms and get the treasures and then hit
the arrow. When the boulders have fallen, push the one near Hannah over
the edge. Now both Hannah and Armin can jump up to the next level. Keep
running right; have Hannah go down and get the treasures, not Armin as he
does not jump quite high enough. Once you reach the end, go down the
ladder and there will be some water and a treasure chest. I like to leave
that treasure chest for last as sometimes the words "Door Open" distracts
me when I am jumping over the snowbeasts. You need to have hannah swim
accross the water as Armin will sink like a rock and die. Now, when you
get to the other side, jump over the snow beasts. You can only jump over
them when they are coming towards hannah. It might take a while to get the
timing right, but you will get it eventually! Now, get Hannah back to the
door and have Armin kill the guard near the door and you're all done!