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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Scoop Shield Makes you invincible for a VERY short amount of time

Level 7: Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate
Collect 175 Scoops

Level 6: Vanilla Chocolate Chip
Collect 150 Scoops

Purple Chia scoop Makes you smaller

Level 1: Strawberry
Collect 25 Scoops

Red - scoop Slows down ice cream scoops

Strawberry Bomb Clears screen of scoops

Level 2: Vanilla
Collect 50 Scoops

Level 8: Peach
Collect 200 Scoops

Level 4: Mint
Collect 100 Scoops

There is also a rare chance that you will see a special scoop with his face on
it worth 1000 points when you catch it
I managed to finally see it for myself,
but was too excited to remember to take a screen cap =X

You can wait for this change to happen on any of the level start screens. And
once the Chia changes, it will be that way on all the level start screens for
the rest of that game.

If you type "strawberryvanillachocolate" on one of the level start screens,
which are all pictured to the right, you can get an extra life!

If you wait on any of the level start screens, which are pictured over to the
right, you may get a surprise. After about 3 minutes, you will hear a
strange sound. And when you look, your Chia will now be a staff member You'll
still have a Chia when you're playing the game, but on the level start screens
you will have this interesting staff member instead. People have said that after
having their Chia change, they have gotten more bonuses and special scoops.
Level 12: Rainbowberry
Collect 300 Scoops

Green + scoop Speeds up ice cream scoops

Level 11: Tigersquash
Collect 275 Scoops

Level 3: Chocolate
Collect 75 Scoops

Level 13: Garlicy Bratwurst
Collect 325 ScoopsTo get the Ice Cream Machine avatar, you need to get a score
of 14,500 or better.

First off, here is a list of the different types of "special" scoops you can
'catch' in the game:

Fish Bonus Worth 250 points

Blue Chia scoop Makes you bigger

Level 10: Double Chocolate
Collect 250 Scoops

The green + scoop is probably a special scoop you should avoid Except perhaps
in the early levels, when things are absolutely crawling. But! Never
underestimate the ebilness of the scoops. It is indeed possible to get splatted
during the 1st levels...The red - scoop, however, is a very good scoop to
catch. It will slow things down a notch. Getting a few of these on faster levels
can help so very much. Remember, any changes to the speed of the scoops will be
removed if you catch either the Cherry or Fish bonus, the Scoop Shield, or an
Extra Life.
The blue Chia scoop will make you bigger. And this can be a very bad thing It will be harder to avoid scoops, especially in the faster levels. The
purple Chia scoop, however, will make you smaller. This really helps with making
narrow escapes and slipping between the flying scoops. NOTE: At normal size you
are about the size of an ice cream scoop. Therefore if scoops are firing on
either side of you, you can fit between them.

Everything speeds
up and there are more scoops flying across the screen, and far more chances to
get trapped and splatted to death. An especially tricky level to get past is the
Vanilla Chocolate Swirl. The coloring of the scoops can be very distracting. It
took me quite a while to be able to get beyond this level...And I've found that
the best thing to do is focus on your lil' Chia.
Normally it's good to watch the whole screen and keep an eye out for bonuses and
empty spaces where you can hang out and be safe. But in the faster levels it's
too hard to watch everything that's going on. Too much is happening! So just try
to focus on the lil' Chia and the area around her. This can help get rid of the
distraction caused by the coloration of the speeding scoops, and after a while
it will be easier to play the fast levels. Also be careful of the Tigersquash
and Rainbowberry levels, which follow Doube Chocolate. The colors are very
bright and extremely distracting. But just use the same trick of focusing on the
Chia and it will gradually become easier.
If you're about to get trapped, don't panic You might miss seeing a perfect
opportunity to escape. In the picture below, I was almost trapped in the corner
of the screen! But I managed to escape, following the pink path. I could have
also taken the green path, which leads to an area that is much more open.

Pink heart scoop Extra life

Naturally, the 1st 2 bonuses are very good. You will want to keep an eye out
for those and catch them whenever you can. But! Remember that if a bonus is out
of reach, either on the other side of the screen or behind a row of scoops and
you can not get to it, don't rush and try to reach it! You may wind up losing a
life, and, believe me, you will need to hold onto those! So, if you miss out on
a bonus, don't get discouraged! Just keep going =) Also, keep in mind that if
you catch one of these bonuses the status of the game will return to normal. For
example, if you made yourself smaller, you would return to normal size. Or if
you slowed down the ice cream scoops, they would return to normal speed. So just
remember that catching one of these bonuses may change things!
The Strawberry Bomb can be VERY helpful if there is just too much happening on
the screen and you need to clear things up a lot. Remember: Getting a bomb will
put you back to normal size if you've changed your size, but it will keep any
changes you've made to the speed of the scoops.
The Scoop Shield is a good bonus to grab. It doesn't last for terribly long, but
on the faster levels it can be VERY helpful. And it's wonderful for grabbing
those bonuses that have managed to show up in places you couldn't normally get
to! It will start off as a blue shield, and then will turn red rather quickly.
After a few seconds, it's gone! Remember, catching the Scoop Shield will also
return the status of the level to normal, just like the Cherry and Fish bonuses

Level 5: Blueberry
Collect 125 Scoops

Level 9: Vanilla Chocolate Swirl
Collect 225 Scoops

Cherry Bonus Worth 100 points