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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Keep your spacebar/mouse pressed down until the Kass
reaches his peak. Now, LET GO once he starts to
descend, allowing him to flap away
This strategy will guarantee your Kass to
fly much, much further.

Tip #3.5: You're Not Finished Yet

After a satisfyingly loud thwack, the perfect use of the
spacebar/mouse technique and a beautiful, long
descent, you'd think your username was up on that high-
score list, right? Well...not exactly. See...the Kass
puppet is like a sort of ugly tennis ball. It's
bouncy. And bouncy mean it'll go back in the air. And

Tip #4: Practice
Whack-A-Kass, to the normal
person appears to be very straightforward - you grab a stick
and hit the falling puppet. Nothing could be easier,
right? But after reading this guide, you've probably
come to realize that there are a few skills to master,
a few tricks to keep in mind.

Immediately after whacking Kass, either press down the
spacebar or re-click and hold down the left click
mouse button.
Both have the same result, so just do
whatever you feel more comfortable with.
Your airborn Kass will keep his wings tucked in during
flight, so that all his silly flapping won't interfere
with your flight on the way up.

Tip #2 Whack Kass at the Oppurtune Moment.
Through experience, I've found that hitting the Kass when
it's at your Blumaroo's ears is about the
perfect height. Not only does your bat connect
wonderfully with the poor puppet, the higher elevation
also gives you more air time, allowing the Kass to
travel further. This, however, is easier said than
done. It does take some practice and concentration,
but you should get the hang of it in no time.

don't relax - instead, use your
good judgement to decide when to click and when to let
Usually, the bouncing airtime doesn't even exceed
a few seconds.

Bounces, seemingly innocent and little, actually wind up
helping your Kass go a lot further in the long

here's what to do
When you see your Kass falling towards the ground from his
long flight, get ready to click/tap the spacebar.
As soon as you hear him bounce, click/tap and hold
down for about a 2nd the 1st time, or for however
long it takes him to reach his "peak", which is very
small and quick. After this 1st bounce, he may
bounce even more Tip #3 Spacebar/Left Click

Tip #1 Always wait until windspeed is at 9.
ALWAYS. I don't care if it takes a few minutes. I
don't care if it takes thirty minutes - just
wait for that windspeed to hit 9. Usually the speed
increases by two, so if it starts out at an odd
number, and especially if it starts out high, like 5
or 7, your chances of hitting 9 are higher. If it's at
8, it can only go to 7 or 6, and if it goes to 7,
there's the chance it'll become 9. This might be a
little confusing, but when you're playing, just keep
in mind that your magic number in this game is NINE.