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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Level Information

Level 1
This level is a good time to get used to how the game works. The enemies
are easy to kill and move slowly. The Brown Pterodactyls are weak and can
only take one shot from any weapon. The Green Pterodactyls are a bit
tougher, and can take 2 shots from your begining weapon. The Grarrl will
occasionally make an appearance in Level 1, like he will in most every
level. He comes from below, so be careful of him. Try to get yourself a
new weapon. I'd recommend FireBall, because it is, without a doubt, the
best weapon in the game. This level should pass by quickly, and without

Level 2
Level 2 begins at 200 Points. You have the same enemies as you faced in
Level 1, but they move a bit faster now and come a bit more often. There
really isn't much to stress about in this level aside from working your
way up to a Level 4 weapon. Avoid getting other weapons as they'll reset
your weapon back to Level 1 of that type. This level is the shortest in
the game, as you only need 100 points to clear it.

Level 3
Level 3 begins when you reach 300 Points. Again, you face the same enemies
as the previous 2 levels. You will get an extra life at the end of this
level when you reach 500 points. Hopefully, with some luck, you will have at
least a Level 3 weapon by the end of Level 3. If you don't, life might
start to get a little tough for you.

Level 4
Level 4 begins at 500 Points. A new enemy starts to appear. The Blue
Pterodactyl is twice as tough as the green ones. And since things are
moving pretty fast now, if you don't have a Level 3 weapon by now, they
might cause some problems. If you have a Level 3 weapon or stronger,
you will mow through this level without even having to move accept to avoid
other weapon powerups.

Level 5
Level 5 begins at 800 Points. Now, you will have to deal with the White
Pterodactyls that sweep in from the left hand side of the screen.
Unfortunately, killing them is worth nothing to you. They will limit your
movements occasionally from here on out by flying across the screen. From
Level 5 through the rest of the game, it would be a good idea to religate
yourself to the right hand side of the board to give yourself a fighting
chance to avoid these guys.

Level 6
Level 6 begins at 1200 Points. The new enemy to appear now is the Golden
Pterodactyl. These guys are pretty tough and can take a good beating
before going down. If you don't have a Level 4 weapon by now, your pretty
much fighting an uphill battle. They are coming fast and there are many of
them. Having a good evasive strategy in mind is key to surviving this
level, unless you have a Level 4 Fireball, which will let you cut through
them like they weren't even there. Also, note that all the enemies from
Levels 1 through 4 seem to have more HP, and take more shots to kill.
You'll also recieve another extra life in this level when you reach 1500

Level 7
Level 7 begins at 1700 Points. This is the final level of the game, and
you will be here until you die. The new Red Pterodactyls are very tough, and
since they are coming so strong now, you won't have a choice but to keep
yourself moving. Sometimes they'll come in such numbers that even a Level
4 Fireball won't be able to stop them, so always keep a good escape route
in mind where you can take out a few weaker ones to open yourself a path.
The Grarrl makes frequent appearances also, so you will find yourself boxed
in occasionally. Also, be willing to sacrifice a life to avoid a different
weapon powerup. Reverting to a Level 1 weapon at this stage is certain

Extra Lives
You can gain extra lives by scoring certain amounts of points. Amounts needed
are displayed below.
500 Points
1500 Points
3000 Points
5000 Points
7500 Points
10500 Points

If you're playing in the World Challenge, keep in mind that the Max Score
you can put up is 4995. There is currently an Auto-Reviewer that will kill
any score 5000 or higher in the WC. Check the Advanced Tips Section for
information on scoring 4995.

How To Play

Arrow KeysMoves your Pteri around in the direction you press.
Space BarFires your weapon.

Fly through the canyons of Tyrannia, taking out the
evil Pterodactyls and stopping the Grarrls from destroying
the homes of innocent Tyrannians!

Things To Know

PTERPOD - Green Powerups
PterPodDescriptionBenefitsDrawbacksAttack Power*Rating
Level 1Fires a green orb in front of you, and one to the left and
right.Can Hit Enemies On Your Sides.Weapon is Slow Moving.1 x 3 shots.3/10

Level 2Fires 2 green orbs in a V shape from your Pteri.Reloads On
Contact.Misses Enemies in Front of You.2 x 2 shots.4/10
Level 3Fires 2 green orbs in a V shape from your Pteri.Very Fast Shots.
Reloads on Contact.Misses Enemies in Front of You.4 x 2 shots.7/10
Level 4Fires a Laser Beam straight ahead. The most powerful single shot
weapon in the game.Reloads on Contact.Very Short Range.8 x 1 shot.6/10

Weapon List
This is a list of weapons. The information is as accurate as I could make it. If
you have any further information about any of these weapons, please contact me.

FIREBALL - Red Powerups
FireballDescriptionBenefitsDrawbacksAttack Power*Rating
Level 1Fires a single fireball straight ahead. About the same as PterShot
Lv. 1.Very Accurate.Small Area of Coverage.1 x 1 shot.2/10
Level 2Fires 2 fireballs in a V shape from your Pteri.Moderate Rate of
Fire, Moderate Coverage.Can Miss Enemies in Front of You.2 x 2 shots.5/10
Level 3Fires 3 fireballs, the 3rd going straight ahead. Excellent
Coverage, 2 Bursts of 3 Shots.Won't Reload Until Shots Clear the Screen2 x
3 shots.8/10
Level 4Fires 3 firewaves in the same pattern as Level 3.Excellent
Coverage, Very Accurate.Won't Reload Until Shots Clear the Screen4 x 3

* - Attack Power is a base math calculation based on LV. 1 weapons doing 1
Shots is the number of projectiles fired with 1 press of the Space Bar.

PTERBOOM - Purple Powerups
PterBoomDescriptionBenefitsDrawbacksAttack Power*Rating
Level 1Fires a fast moving purple boomerang.Fast Rate of Fire.Fires
Slightly to the Left.1 x 1 shot.1/10
Level 2Fires 2 purple boomerangs in a V shape from your Pteri.Fast Rate of
Fire, Moderate Coverage.Will Miss Enemies in Front of You.2 x 2 shots.4/10

Level 3Fires 2 purple boomeranges in a V shape from your Pteri with a
faster rate of fire.3 Shot Bursts, Moderate Coverage.Will Miss Enemies in
Front of You.2 x 2 shots.5/10
Level 4Fires 2 huge purple boomerages in a V shape from your Pteri.Fast
Rate of Fire. Good Coverage.Will Miss Enemies in Front of You.4 x 2

PTERSHOT - Blue Powerups
PterShotDescriptionBenefitsDrawbacksAttack Power*Rating
Level 1Fires a single straight beam with minimal power. You start with
this weapon.Very Accurate.Small Area of Coverage.1 x 1 shot.2/10
Level 2Fires a single straight beam with a slightly faster rate of
fire.Very Accurate.Small Area of Coverage.2 x 1 shot.3/10
Level 3Fires a single straight beam with a much faster rate of fire.Fast
Rate of Fire, Very Accurate.Small Area of Coverage.3 x 1 shot.4/10
Level 4Fires a single straight beam with the same rate of fire.Fast Rate
of Fire, Very Accurate.Small Area of Coverage.6 x 1 shot.6/10

EnemyPicHit Points*Level They Appear InNotes
Brown Pterodactyl1Levels 1-75 Points Per Kill. They have 2 HP in Level 6.
Green Pterodactyl2Levels 1-75 Points Per Kill. They have 4 HP in Level 6.
Blue Pterodactyl4Levels 4-75 Points Per Kill. They have 8 HP in Level 6.
White Pterodactyl12Levels 5-70 Points Per Kill. Come from the Left Hand
Golden Pterodactyl12Levels 6 and 75 Points Per Kill.
Red Pterodactyl20Level 75 Points Per Kill.
The GrarrlInfiniteLevels 1-710 Points Per Shot. Can Not Be Killed.

* - HP is an estimation based on Level 1 weapons, which all have the same power,
doing 1 damage.

Advanced Tips

World Challenge Strategy
If you practice enough, eventually you will be able to hit the 5000 point
barrier fairly consistantly. Here are a few tricks to help you score 4995
and lock up an easy WC piece.
If you have 3 lives or more remaining when you reach 4900 points, this
becomes a lot easier. Naturally, you will have a Level 4 Fireball weapon, as
I don't see how it's possible to score that well without one. Normally, I
can find myself with 4990 points. Allow yourself to die and let the screen
fill with fresh, un-shot Pterodactyls. Then find that one Golden one that
you can get to and fire at without any risk of hitting any other
Pterodactyls. Killing a Golden one will absorb all 3 of your shots,
leaving you with 4995. Quickly move away from the area you shot it, just
in case it dropped a powerup, and click on End Game.