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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Also, you need to know which items to put into each vat
Red Lobster (lol, NO COMMENT): red vat, 3 points. This will give the Skeith
heartburn and he'll breath fire.
Blue Jelly: blue vat, 5 points. This will give the Skeith indigestion.
Glowing Lime Green Pie...thingy: green vat, 8 points . Green bubbles will come out
of the Skeith's mouth.

Everything else you can leave alone-the skeith will eat it.
*** I love this game, it gives me like 3k daily, but really, this is
unrealistic. In every food guide I've ever read, it specifically states:
"Skeiths can eat ANYTHING! Petpets, dubloons, etc." In this game however....*
Okay, back to business.
Basically, you move the Buzz with the arrow keys and use the spacebar to pick up
and drop the items. To delay items, drop them on the conveyer belt in the back.
That sounds pretty easy! How about you play a game, see how you do, and if you
do not get the 1000 points, read on to the next section, "Advanced Playing".
(Because, you know, some people are amazing at games and do not need ANY guides
to get them, and can get them on their 1st try. *Cough* *Cough* Not Mintgirl!
Here's the link:

there will be some math used in here ,
Level 1: Ok, here is where the conveyer belt moves excruiatingly slow. Remember,
the speed of the game goes by level, not by points earned, so use that to your
advantage. What I do in the 1st level, is delay all Lobsters(Reds)and
Jellies(Blues), and I only put Pies (Greens) into the vats. Why you ask? Because
I'm trying to maximize points, and this way, you can get 40 points (5x8) on the
first level alone instead of the average 29 or so. I only recommend doing this
up to level 3, because these are very slow, and you can choose. (On level 3, I
sometimes use Jellies/Blues but never Lobsters/Reds.) It really depends on how
good of a player you are and how fast you can move. But still, ONLY deliver
Pies/Greens on Level 1. Here's some quick math to help you with points:
Level 1: 5 items x 8 points each = 40 points
Level 2: 10 items x 8 points each = 80 points
Level 3: 15 items x 8 points each = 120 points
All together thats: 240 points!! Wow! Just on the 1st 3 levels!

1. Concentration is greatly needed especially at levels 8 and above. The ice
cream will continue going fast.
2. Shooting jellies at the vat in faster levels is a must. The fastest way is to
go beside the skeith, then pick-up the jelly. If the color of the jelly is...
Red - press up once, spacebar, then down.
Blue - press up once, right once, spacebar, then down.
Green - press up once, right twice, spacebar, then down.
You will need to press this really fast. This will take practice, but it is the
quickest way to shoot a jelly down its vat and continue on with the next ones.
3. Have a good keyboard and make sure your keys work properly. It's frustrating
to find out that you weren't able to shoot a jelly down the vat just because one
of your keys didn't function properly.
4. play fullscreen and low quality. A faster computer is a must because if
your computer lags a lot, then it will be hard to time your moves properly.
5. In the early levels(1-3), try to score as high as you can. Shoot the green
jellies into their vats while returning the blue and red to the back conveyor
6. Practice In case you get bored, play another game and then come back later.
You will not do well when you are bored while playing the game. I suggest playing
Attack of the Revenge to further improve your speed at pressing the buttons
7. I read that you are not sure how many jellies are needed for level 10. Yes,
it is 50. I reached that far, but the jellies went flying to the top right corner
so I'm forced to stop (this is a bug, but I'm not sure if it still exists).
8. Tell people to send scores lower than 1250 (that is the review) when going for
the trophy in the 1st day of the month. 1249 is the best score for the trophy.

[ It means that with each passing level, the difficulty
will increase. Here is each level and the amount of items you will have to sort to
proceed ]
Level 1: 5 items
Level 2: 10 items
Level 3: 15 items
Level 4: 20 items
Level 5: 25 items
Level 6: 30 items
Level 7: 35 items
Level 8: 40 items
Level 9: 45 items

*** The farthest I've ever gotten was Level 9, and I'm assuming nobody else
has gotten to 10 either, because Level 9 moves literally lightning fast. I'm
assuming it would be 50 items, but I'm not going to be mistaken.

Advanced Playing
Or maybe you just wanted some of my wonderful wisdom....yeah,
that is it. Anyways, here are some tips to help you get the HUNGRY SKEITH