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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

The aim of the game is to save the jubjubs by blowing bubbles that will
save them.
Left click to start blowing a bubble then hold down the left mouse button
to give it more power.
You have to hold down the mouse so that you see little bubbles that
signify where the bubble will travel too!
Sound easy!?! Well you actually have to let go off mouse when the bubbles
reach the Jubjub!

When you get the right distance the jubjub will get concealed in a giant
Also during the game a shell or dubloon may fall. Get them and they are
worth 5 points for the Shells and 25 points for the dubloons! Jubjubs are
worth 10 Points each
The jubjubs down the bottom of the screen resemble lives and the clam
quits the game
This game is used fully with the mouse! The sliding mouse technic is
recommended if you know how do to properly if you do not understand what
the 'sliding mouse technic' is then do not bother to ask.

The average score for a gold trophy as of the 7th of Jan 2006 is around
8,500 will possibly at the start of a month but at the end of a month you
would need at least more than 10,000!

Building a High Score
If you want to build a high score you need 3 things!
1. Practice
2. Practice
3. Patience
This game is game that sometimes even if you are really good you make a
mistake, or you do not play so well one day then play really well the next.
Anyway you get the point, it is a bit lucky depending on how many dubloons
you get and things like that but still this is an extremely fun game if
you can play it well

The NP payout on this game is 1 Neopoint for every point you score in the
game so getting 3000 Neopoints a day isn't to hard if you can play this
game well

Well that is all from me! I hope you have found this guide useful and check
out some of the useful links they are quite useful anyway thanks for