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Neopets cheat codes

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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Virtupets Space Station Games

Advert Attack, Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars, Feed Florg,
Neverending Boss Battle, Spell-Or-Starve, Splat-A-Sloth, Typing
Terror, and Zurroball

Haunted Woods Games

Carnival of Terror, Chemistry for Beginners, Korbats Lab, MAGAX:
Destroyer, Web of Vernax, and Whack-A-Ghost

Terror Mountain Games

Ice Cream Machine, Igloo Garage Sale - The Game, Rink Runner, Snow
Wars II, Snowball Fight, and Snowmuncher

Krawk Island Games

Deckswabber, Dubloon Disaster, and Petpet Cannonball

Neopia Central Games

200m Peanut Dash, Defender Trainer, Extreme Herder, Flycatcher,
Hasee Bounce, Hubrid's Hero Heist, Hungry Skeith, Jolly Jugglers,
Kiko Match II, Meepit Juice Break, Meepit vs. Feepit, Meerca Chase
II, Mootix Drop, Nimmos Pond, Petpet Rescue, Petpetsitter, ToyBox
Escape, Trouble at the National Neopian, Tubular Kiko Racing, Usuki
Frenzy, Warf Rescue Team, and Whack-A-Staff Member

Tyrannia Games

Chia Bomber 2, Destruct-O-Match II, Magma Blaster, Pterattack,
Tyrannian Mini Golf, and Volcano Run

Lost Desert Games

Ruins Rampage, Sutek's Tomb, Swarm - The Bugs Strike Back,
Tug-O-War, and Word Pyramid

Map Pieces

There are a total of Twelve World Maps which make 240 individual map
pieces per set. So there are TWO sets available at this moment,
which makes 480 individual map pieces to be obtained. An individual
piece map is an 80x80 picture

Mystery Island Games

Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island, Gadgadsgame and Mynci Beach


Join a game that you are good at

Look at your opponent's WC scores for that game to set a score that
have a higher chance of winning a tally point

Send in QUALITY scores. Don't send in scores that can be easily beat

If you have the highest score and it is hard to beat, do not send
anymore score that will get you below 0 in tally. If you are already
below 0, send in some scores that will get you a win until you reach
0 or greater.

Don't play Bouncy Supreme or Jelly Blobs of Doom since there are no
such world as Jelly World and plus, theres no map pieces for Jelly

Meridell Games

Extreme Potato Counter, Skies Over Meridell, Turmac Roll, Ultimate
Bullseye, and Whack-A-Kass

Kreludor Games

Escape to Kreludor, Freaky Factory, Kreludan Mining Corp., Moon Rock
Rampage, and Time Tunnel

The Basics

There are Twelve Worlds and each of them have different games that
you are available to play. Click on the images to jump to the World
Challenges World Page.

Faerieland Games

Faerie Bubbles, Faerie Cloud Racers, and Maths Nightmare

Maraqua Games

Attack of the Revenge, Jubble Bubble, and Raiders of Maraqua

To join a challenge, you must pay a one time entry fee of 100 NP per
hour per game.

This tells you that you entered the competition and the new area
provides a link to your game. When you click on the link, it will
lead you to that game page and you see this petpet below the game

You are allowed to send as many scores as you want but keep in mind
that after 3 scores sent for NP, your highscore will not be
updated. When you send your score, Neopets will automatically choose
a random opponent who has sent a score and you will be awarded
either a win, loss, or a tie.

After you are awarded a win, loss, or a tie, it will be converted
into tally points. A win is 1, loss is -1, and a tie is 0. For
example: You won 3 times, loss 1 time, and tied 2 times, your tally
points will be 2.

The Challenge Outcome table shows you and your opponent the rank,
usernames, tally points, wins, losses, number of scores sent,
neopoints awarded, hour's highscore, and your score total for the

There are 3 ways to win a map piece. Once you are in the top
elible place to win a prize, you can win a map piece in either
highest tally points, highest score sent in that hour, and the
highest total of scores in that hour.

In the picture above, the area that has a red box around it are the
minimum requirements before you are eligble to win a map piece.

There MUST be 5 players with their scores processed before the map
pieces are awarded. If there are not 5 people, the result of that
hour will be moved to the next hour until there are 5 players. Your
tally MUST be 0 or greater, if it is not, you will not receive a map
piece even if you have the highest total of scores. Lastly, you must
place in the top eligble place to win the map piece. This will
change depending on how many players are there.

After the hour is over, you will receive a neomail by TNT confirming
that you have won. If you do not receive a neomail and believe you
were in elible spot, go to that games Previous Hour's Result and
check and if there is not a * after your name, I am sorry but
sum1 must've knocked you off the last second.

You can keep it in your Map Gallery and wait until you have all the
pieces to convert it into a prize or you can also sell the map
pieces in your shops or trades. Click on the link in the red box in
the picture above and now you are able to move the map pieces into
or out of the gallery or even convert it.

Once you collected all map pieces (either by winning or buying it),
you may convert it into a RARE prize and 2,000 NP. Once you convert
the map pieces, you CANNOT take the pieces out and resell them and
you cannot win another map piece from that set and you will move on
to set 2 of the map if you continue playing in that World.