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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Meri Acres Farm
Location: Northern borders of Meridell
Area: 25 sq. miles
GDP: 250,000 NP
Terrain: Farmlands
Weather: Sunny... unless the citadel is
Primary Export: Potatoes!

Just north of Meridell Castle lies the lush
farmlands of Meri Acres. Here, farmers lead a
boring peaceful life of counting growing potatoes.
It's certainly a quaint area, where most of the
activities available are related to vegetables.
Well, actually... all of them are.

Places of Interest

Extreme Potato Counter - Poor little Alton has got
some serious competition these days. A Wocky who
was just too cool for the average life of a farmer
decided to add a little "oomph" to the farmlands,
and introduced his new game, Extreme Potato
Counter. For those who fail to take an interest in
counting stationary potatoes, you can now
experience the thrill of trying to do the same
thing while they are being launched back and forth
in front of you Best if played with 2 people!

Rubbish Dump - One of the less appealing tourist
attractions of Meri Acres is none other than the
Rubbish Dump. After all, the trash from the castle
has to go somewhere. Those who are brave, and have
a poor sense of smell, often wade through the
trash there, looking for little treasures among
the rubbish. Several farmers have said they've
even found rare Petpets around the heap, who
apparently were attracted by the intoxicating
smell of soggy cardboard boxes.

Potato Counter - One of the earliest games created
in Meridell was as simple as counting potatoes!
Come to think of it... that is exactly what the
game was! Alton dumps a basket of his potatoes on
the ground, and he'll reward you if you can count
them correctly in a short amount of time. It's
free to play, but most people can not seem to stay
interested long enough to actually count them all.

Pick Your Own - On the western side of Meri Acres
lies a vast farm, which contains berries of every
shape and colour. The Gelert farmer there is very
harsh with trespassers, but if you feel that you
absolutely MUST pick some berries, then he'll
allow you to pick up to 6 berries from his field
for only 400 NP!

Guess the Weight of the Marrow - The only living
thing in Meridell that could've ever been compared
to the size of the Turmaculus was Old Bessie, the
biggest marrow ever grown in Meridell. In her
honour, the farmers of Meri Acres hold a daily
competition, challenging tourists to guess the
weight of the biggest marrow to be found that day.
It's free to play, so drop on by and have a guess!