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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

Swarm - These are Evil Bugs, and they are attacking
Neopian Protection Zone 6b, and Neopia needs your
help! Get inside your specially-designed Wocky
tank and blast the legs right off these bugs
before it is too late.

Pyramids - What would be a desert without some
pyramids? If you remove all the cards from the
Pyramid, you could win big Neopoints, and that is
what The Lost Desert is all about... bringing new
opportunities to Neopians.

Peopatra's Petpets - Nothing makes a Neopet smile
like a Petpet from Peopatra's Petpet shop. Many of
the Petpets here have special talents, like
burrowing underground, making loud humming noises,
roaming around the desert aimlessly, biting
fingers, and giggling like mad. If this sounds
like something your Neopet would like, then make
sure to visit Peopatra's shop.

Places of Interest

Osiri's Pottery - Come buy some lovely trinkets at
Osiri's Pottery store. Buy a simple urn so you
will not keep getting asked, "What's with that grey
dust lying on your table?" Or how about a lovely
jug from which to serve a delicious glass of
water? Plus, it is worth a stop at the shop just to
ask Osiri where she gets her hair done.

Tug-o-War - Tug-o-War is the ultimate test of
strength, do you think you can prove yourself?
Many of the strongest pets that have dominated in
the Battledome will come from all around to tug
until they can tug no more. Do you think you are
strong enough to beat Truggdon the Grundo?

Sutek's Scrolls - Are your pets new to The Lost
Desert? Clueless as to what's going on here or
need some background info on Sakhmet Natives, then
buy a few scrolls or a book or two. Rumour has it
that some of the scrolls contain ancient Lost
Desert curses that you can give to your best

Battle Supplies - A few battle accessories are a
must in the harsh desert. Why not stop by the Lost
Desert Battle Supplies Shop to stock up? Don't let
that mysterious shopkeeper scare you. Save your
fear for the assortment of daggers, staffs, swords
and the like.