Neopets cheat codes
Neopets cheat codes

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Wednesday July 11th, 2012

NeoSchool Classes
Deactivasion Console
-Dino Brush Teeth (unlisted game)
-Dubloon Disaster Version 1 (unlisted game)
-Faerie Cloud Racers Version 1 (unlisted game)
-Feed Florg Version 1 (unlisted game)
-Free jelly and see Jelly Games
-Fungus Cave
-GadGadsGame Version 1 (unlisted game)

-Go all the way down the page to see the upcoming
pet."The Lutari".
-Goldfish Flavor Blasted Getaway (unlisted game)

Veiw Year 7 April Fools Joke

-Ultimate Bulls Eye Version 1 (unlisted game)
The Chia Bingo Game (unlisted game)

Magical Marchmallows (unlisted game)
Jelly World's Hidden Neoboard

KauKorral (unlisted Game)
Brightvale Glaziers
-Brightvale Kingdom

Most Popular Games List
Hidden BattleDome
-Hidden Mind-Control Lab

Tricks of the Trade aka Neopets Cheats

Hidden sites and game passwords
-I do not suggest that anyone do Jhudora's quest
or Illusen's quests because the items you have to
find cost much more than the prize you will

-The Insane Ending to NeoQuest

Yullieland (unlisted game)

Sutek's Tomb (to get an extra 30 seconds added to
your time): type "plzsutekcanihavemoretime"

Free Jelly daily

NeoSecret Card One
-Part of the quest to find King Coltzan's crown.
The parrot gives you clues on where to find it.
The Faerie Queen's Castle

Brightbale Books

( link / Effect)
-A hidden movie
-A plea from the Space Faerie shown during the
reign of Dr. Sloth.
-AirBud Seven Inning Fetch Version 1 (unlisted

Neopets Portal page
Volcano Run Version 1 (unlisted game)
Grundo's Gym (unlisted game)
-Grundo's Gym (unlisted game)

Dubloon Disaster (to create a whirlpool): type

The Grundo's story on Sloth

Brightvale Motery

Brightvale Armoury

Shows the ending of Sloth's reign over Neopia.
-Shows the trailer that previewed before Dr. Sloth
-Shows the winners for a Halloween Costume
The Normal Ending to NeoQuest.
-The old Guildmasters' Dinner Logic Puzzle.

Link to Hidden Tower
Hidden Links

Solution to the Mystery Island Volcano mystery.
Advent Caledar (gives a prize to anyone who visits
this site every month in Decemeber):

The Kadoatery.

-The Maraqua Battledome. Maraqua is gone, but this
is still there.

Tarzan and Jane Version 1 (unlisted game)
Updated almost daily answers to the Faerie

Maths Nightmare Version 2 (unlisted game)
Wadjet & Ladders (unlisted game)
-Wheel of Knowledge
How to get different avatars

The snowager sleeps at (these are the Eastern
times): 1am-1:59am, 9am-9:59am, and 5pm-5:59pm

The hidden VirtuPets Space Station NeoBoard

Virtupets' Hidden Neoboard
Hidden statue in Ruins of Maraqua
-Hotrod Health Hound (unlisted game)

Kau Korral (unlisted game)

Jelly Blobs of Doom (this is a hidden game, to get
extra points pick up the negg that appears): type

Matching Madness (unlisted game)
Kiko Match Version 1 (unlisted game)

-Lets you see the 2 Gallon Hatz concert.

-Lets you see the Blue Kacheek Group concert.

-Lets you see the Chomby and the Fungus Balls

-Lets you see the Hikalakas concert.

-Lets you see the Jazzmoisis Christmas concert.

-Lets you see the Jazzmoisis concert.

-Lets you see the Moehawks concert.

-Lets you see the MYNCI concert.

-Lets you see the Sticks N' Stones concert.

-Lets you see the The Neopian Philharmonic

-Lets you see the Twisted Roses concert.

-Lets you see the Wock Til You Drop concert.

-Lets you see the Yes Boy Ice Cream concert.


The Evil Ending to NeoQuest.
Play the original meerca chase
-Ruins Of Maraqua (unlisted world)
The secret Jelly World NeoBoard
-The VirtuPets Marketplace. Shop list for users
who have there shop on the space station.
-Tiki Tack Free Stuff Tour. Gives you some nice
Hidden Refreshments Shop